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Luis Domingo Hernández founded his company in Guijuelo in the year 1980, inheriting the entire tradition and experience left behind by Bernardo Hernández Blázquez, our Ham Master since 1930.

The inclusion and comprehensive and thorough control of each and every step of the production chain, ranging from the raising of the Ibérico pig in our own dehesas (meadowlands), providing the animals with a completely natural diet, right through to the preparation of the hams in our cutting room followed by the artisanal curing process, which thus guarantees premium quality with a level of correlation and congruity that is quite often lacking in the market.


This is exactly where we give shape to our Hams and Shoulder Hams so that they will reach the client with the exact amount of fat, neither a gram more nor less.

It is only by following this method that we can actually achieve that perfect low point of salt in our products after their salting period.

After this step the curing stage kicks off, following an adequate post-salting with controlled temperature and humidity, right in our own natural drying sheds which are orientated in such a way that the peculiar climate of Guijuelo can be profited from so as to gradually and gently reach the optimal curing point in our cellars.

With this and the painstaking selection of the prior to their being sent to the clients is how we actually achieve the most unsurpassable bouquet of our products.

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Ham, Shoulder and Loin.

And a complete range of fresh Ibérico meats.

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