Now comes the time for sacrificing of the pig and following a painstaking selection of the animals, the animals are delivered to the slaughterhouse. After this process and in our own Cutting Rooms, we receive the carcasses so as to prepare all the pieces in the best way possible, eliminating surplus fat and then rigorous refrigeration.

It is during this part of the process that we profile our Hams and Shoulder Hams so that they will reach our clients with a perfect V cut and with the exact amount of fat, neither a gram more nor less than necessary. It is only by following this method that we can actually achieve that perfect low point of salt in our products after their salting period.

After the necessary post-salting period, with controlled temperatures and humidity, then curing of the products continuess in our own natural drying sheds which are orientated in such a way that the peculiar climate of Guijuelo can be profited. Finally the optimal curing point of our production is slowly and gradually reached in our cellars.

The pampering we put into the process and painstaking selection of the pieces before we send them to our clients is the secret behind the unsurpassable bouquet of our products.

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