LUIS DOMINGO – Ibéricos, Guijuelo, since 1930 has been reaping up almost one hundred years of experience in this sector. First it was Bernardo, and then it was his son, Luis Domingo and nowadays it is Bernardo’s grandchildren: Luis, Raúl and Diego Hernández now coddle this traditional knowhow that has led them to maintain a most exquisite production with a very characteristic bouquet.

And all of this is fruit of the knowhow, care and pampering that goes into the breeding and raising of our own Ibérico pigs, all based on 100% Ibérico breed, as is likewise the case with the preparation and curing of the hams, shoulder hams, loins and sausage meats at our modern facilities that are found right in front of the Gredos Sierra. And of course, without forgetting strict compliance with each and every one of the requirements that have been included into our sector with the passing of time.

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