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LUIS DOMINGO – Ibéricos, Guijuelo, since 1930 has been reaping up almost one hundred years of experience in this sector.

First it was Bernardo, and then it was his son, Luis Domingo and nowadays it is Bernardo’s grandchildren: Luis, Raúl and Diego Hernández now coddle this traditional knowhow that has led them to maintain a most exquisite production with a very characteristic bouquet.

And all of this is fruit of the knowhow, care and pampering that goes into the breeding and raising of our own Ibérico pigs, all based on 100% Ibérico breed, as is likewise the case with the preparation and curing of the hams, shoulder hams, loins and sausage meats at our modern facilities that are found right in front of the Gredos Sierra. And of course, without forgetting strict compliance with each and every one of the requirements that have been included into our sector with the passing of time.



The high quality of our products starts at the very moment when the piglet is born, duly following a painstaking selection of the breeders in our animal husbandry enterprises. All of them correspond to the pure Ibérica breed, all duly registered in the corresponding genealogical book.
Thus with this unbeatable basis and with highly painstaking care in management the very best Ibérico pigs are obtained, to which we have to add the manufacturing of our own feed made with premium quality, 100% natural grains so that the animals can reach an adequate age and weight, freely roaming the Salamanca dehesas (meadowlands) of our fattening farms.



Now comes the time for sacrificing of the pig and following a painstaking selection of the animals, the animals are delivered to the slaughterhouse.

After this process and in our own Cutting Rooms, we receive the carcasses so as to prepare all the pieces in the best way possible, eliminating surplus fat and then rigorous refrigeration.

It is during this part of the process that we profile our Hams and Shoulder Hams so that they will reach our clients with a perfect V cut and with the exact amount of fat, neither a gram more nor less than necessary. It is only by following this method that we can actually achieve that perfect low point of salt in our products after their salting.

After the necessary post-salting period, with controlled temperatures and humidity, then curing of the products continuess in our own natural drying sheds which are orientated in such a way that the peculiar climate of Guijuelo can be profited. Finally the optimal curing point of our production is slowly and gradually reached in our cellars.
The pampering we put into the process and painstaking selection of the pieces before we send them to our clients is the secret behind the unsurpassable bouquet of our products.

The art of making Iberico Hams


Respectfully following the family 100-year tradition, incorporating only those measures that over the years guarantee a higher sanitary-food quality, has granted us the privilege of receiving the award for the Best Iberian Cebo Ham of Castilla y León for three years, as well as being able to belong with pride in “Tierra de Sabor”: The guarantee brand of our best products. Recognitions that even today we owe to the know-how of our founders.



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